2021/2022 Velo Pitching Club


Days: Monday-Wednesday-Thursday

Starts: Sept 12 – Oct 27th (7weeks: 31.5hrs of training)

Time: 6:30-8pm

Location: Bullpen Sports

About: Fall Pitching Club is designed to focus on efficient movement patterns and create more athletic pitchers. This program is prep work to our winter Pitching club that incorporates a higher focus on increased velocity. In order to do that we need to create the right foundation mechanically to sustain increased velocity and command.

Key Points

  • improved mobility and stability
  • creating consistent & repeatable mechanics for improved pitch command and velocity
  • new pre and post throwing routines for better performance and recovery
  • explosive rotational development
  • improved arm action with reduced arm stress
  • efficient biomechanic movement pattern training


Winter Velo Camps Begin in Nov. More info and registration coming shortly.

After 4 years of development and customizing of our Velocity Pitching Program we are excited to open it up to everyone. VPC is an 7 week long program that helps pitchers gain velocity, improve upon mechanical movement patterns, consistency, improved arm action, develop command of pitches, arm care both pre and post throwing, and injury prevention. This program has been developed over the past 4 years by Coach Guzzo taking in all the new data, ideas, concepts and fitting it into a setting that is targeted to H.S and Youth athletes. We will have 2, 7 week sessions. For optimum development we encourage athletes to participate in both but not required

Areas of Focus During our Winter Velocity Clubs

Velocity Training:

Being able to throw hard and gain velo has become a very important component as a pitcher. We go through full body training programs including strength and power movements, explosive plyometrics, along with with proven techniques of increases velo training while minimizing the risk of injury to the arm through weight balls, med ball tosses, belts and harnesses to increase both lower half speed and explosiveness and arm speed.

Mechanical Movement Patterns and Consistency:

The number one way to throw more strikes is to become more consistent with our mechanics. With that said though poor mechanics and an inability to move efficiently will prevent increased velocity and prevent us from being able to repeat our mechanics, in turn throw more strikes.

Arm Action:

Although there is no one way to throw a baseball there are ways to throw with reduced risk of injuries, without drag, that can improve upon our velocity, mechanics and create better secondary pitches. This is a critical part of our program to allow for continued growth as they continue to get older

Pitch Development:

The success to any pitcher is being able to throw multiple pitches for strikes, changing speeds, keeping hitters off balance and understanding the art of being a pitcher not a thrower. Contrary to the popular view point throwing breaking balls do not hurt our arms. There is no proven science that stands behind this misunderstood mind set. With that said however pitchers at a younger age should not be throwing them 80% of their pitches, nor are they breaking off MLB breaking balls. Athletes will learn about pitch tunneling, grips, release points, effectiveness etc on creating more pitches.

Arm Care Pre & Post:

A good arm care program not only helps prevent injury but helps with recovery. We need to learn our bodies and arms and what works best for each athlete. A good arm care program will help set up for future gains as well allow for us to be able to transition from the mound to the field as well

“What They are Saying”

“It taught me the important of weightlifting. Really showed a difference in numbers. Would recommend for baseball pitcher

“The velo club was amazing. It taught me how weight lifting can impact your life and get you to new aspect of the game. It showed improvement in my velocity and also hitting with leg strength.

“Velo club was very helpful and taught me better weightlifting and form. I would recommend velo club because it is a very motivational group and it will help you improve your pitching and lifting skills.

“Velo club was an experience that I think that every player wanting to go to the next level needs to experience. I already knew many lifts but the club taught me new kinds of lifts that translates to more explosive pitching mechanics.

“The velo club was a great tool for the pitchers to gain velocity and have stronger arms. The coaches showed me a much better arm angle and mechanics. They provided us with a way to get stronger with better mechanics. Velo club is great, it helped me gain 10mph. I highly recommend it.”

“The velo club was a crucial learning experience for us to become better pitchers but also better overall ball players. One of the most important parts was learning the proper mechanics, you. You can lift all the weight in the world but without efficient mechanics it will not matter. With Velo club I was able to gain 9mph. I would recommend it for any pitcher willing to get better.”

“Velo club really helped me improve this offseason. The drills and weightlifting gave me great strides”

“Velo club is a very beneficial experience for athletes to improve their velocities and become a more complete pitcher.”

“Velo club was and always will be one of if not the best throwing program for athletes who are looking to gain velocity, develop better mechanics and become a more complete pitcher.”

“Velo club is the best pitching program around. Not just the pitching part but everything around it. The competitiveness among each other along with the brotherhood and support system created.”

“Velo club is super beneficial to kids who want to gain velocity. The breakdown portion of video training of not just your own but others allows for you to be able to identify areas of weakness and improvement.”