2022 Fall Hitting Club

Fall Hitting Club

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FHC is a 5-week program where hitters will be evaluated and put through supervised drills targeted towards a player’s weakness and strengths. FHC will focus on all components of an athlete’s swing, designed to develop a more consistent, aggressive, and confident hitter.

Evaluation/Testing: To know where we need to go, we first need to know where we are. Hitters will be placed through evaluation testing to get baseline numbers on bat speed, exit velo, ball flight, and biomechanics of our swing.

Training: Our approach to hitting is simple. Less is More. There is more than one way to hit a baseball. However, there are key components of a swing that will always remain consistent. Our training will focus on those components and develop more consistent solid barrel to ball contact.

Components of Swing

  1. Stance, feet, stride, weight distribution, balance
  2. Posture, torso rotation
  3. Shoulders, elbows, hands, grip
  4. Swing path, bat speed, adjustability, timing, finish


How we accomplish this: Technology and training tools are a huge component to a player’s development, along with the mental understanding of what and why they are doing it. This along with our experienced and certified staff allows for us to have optimum results for athletes.

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