Certified and Licensed Staff

At Prestige Travel Ball we are continuing to not just invest in the players and their development but as well as our staff. Their continuing education is vital to the development of our players and program.

  • Onebaseu: is the leader in player screening to allow for more customizable training for each individual athlete
  • Rapsodo: The top pitch development software on the market
  • Kmotion: 3D imagery of athletes to allow for them to better develop their power through their kinetic chain
  • Top Velocity and FBR: are the leaders in pitching development for both velocity, command, and injury prevention
  • USA Baseball: They are the governing body of baseball to ensure staff are continue to provide athletes with up to date information
  • ABCA: National Coaches Convention that staff attends yearly to network, educate and bring back more knowledge and forward thinking to the program

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